Arduvere, premium care products for mother and baby, Made in Germany
Product category : Drugstore
Number of pallets : 2
Brands : Klotz Labs
Amount : 5521
Stückpreis : ab 0.46€
Product number : PRO2879
Features :
A-Ware (neu)

Klotz Labs cosmetic products from Arduvere Gmbh, Made in Germany 

– RRP approx. 77,880 EUR

– A-Ware, products sorted and listed 

– high quality organic care products for pregnant women and babies without harmful additives, with special natural ingredients such as calendula , Aloe vera, almond oil, jojoba oil, for the special needs of the skin 

– Stretch Marks, baby tummy oil, skin care creams, lotions and shampoos, natural cosmetics 

– natural biological care for the sensitive skin, PH-neutral, especially microbiological tested, without synthetic preservatives 

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